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5th December 2019 Added more wine links to Useful links
17th October 2019 Added Batman Movie Moment to Funko page
20th August 2019 Minor updates to Useful links
20th April 2019 Uploaded Champagne holiday photos
4th April 2019 Added new Batman Funko to Funko page
27th December 2018 Added Mini Batman collection to Funko page
17th December 2018 New page for my collection of Funko
18th November 2018 Added favourite wine sites to Useful links
30th September 2018 Added more favourite YouTube channels to Videos webpage
9th September 2018 Uploaded Burgundy holiday photos
13th August 2018 General tidy up throughout the website
19th July 2018 New section for Burgundy AOC in Wine guide
15th July 2018 Updated Useful links. Added additional links
16th June 2018 General page tidy for Wine guide
19th March 2018 Updated Useful links. Removed redundant links
27th January 2018 First update of 2018. Added more Useful links
1st December 2017 Added more links to Useful links
16th October 2017 Minor updates to Wine guide and Android links
13th August 2017 Reviewed,updated and amended links throughout the website
29th July 2017 Added Bordeaux's Top Five wines to Wine guide
24th June 2017 Added more lesser known wine grape varieties to Wine guide
22nd June 2017 Improved regions in wines
30th May 2017 Updated Food and Wine in Wine Guide
23rd April 2017 Added more links to Useful links
8th March 2017 Added more unknown wine grapes to Wine guide
18th January 2017 Added more of my YouTube videos to Videos webpage
5th December 2016 Updated broken links in Useful links
20th November 2016 Uploaded my photographs from Bordeaux
3rd November 2016 Updated Android page
25th August 2016 Added more red wine grapes to Wine guide
29th July 2016 Added more expensive wine to Wine guide
4th June 2016 Added more white wine grapes to Wine guide
30th May 2016 Added countries and regions to each type of Wine in the Wine guide
12th May 2016 Tidied up Useful links
19th March 2016 Added grape pronunciation in Wine guide
1st January 2016 Added more of my YouTube work to Videos webpage
20th December 2015 Redesigned My YouTube channel section in the Videos webpage
1st December 2015 Added new coded software to coded software
10th November 2015 Updated versions of my coded software
20th October 2015 Added Food and Wine Matching for Red Wine
17th October 2015 Added Food and Wine Matching for White Wine
4th October 2015 Added more detail to Introduction to wine
28th September 2015 Added Introduction to wine to Wine guide webpage
20th August 2015 Updated Useful links , Android links and Useful software
12th July 2015 Added My YouTube channel to the Videos webpage
12th June 2015 General website tidy up
25th May 2015 Added last winter holiday to Travelling in the Home page
17th May 2015 Added more links to Videos webpage
13th April 2015 Added and removed some links in Useful links
10th February 2015 Added Go-Pro section to the Videos webpage
3rd January 2015 Updated versions of my coded software
14th November 2014 Added more links to Useful Technical Websites
4th October 2014 Updated Videos webpage
19th August 2014 Updated Android Links
1st August 2014 Added Russian food to Russian language
29th July 2014 Added Arrow links and redesigned webpage Useful links
15th July 2014 Added eating out to Russian language
13th July 2014 Updated the Useful Links page.
3rd July 2014 Updated versions of my coded software
13th June 2014 Added I like/ do not like phrases to Russian language
27th May 2014 Added public transport phrases to Russian language
9th April 2014 Added hotel phrases to Russian language
2nd April 2014 Updated versions of my coded software
26th March 2014 Added shopping phrases to Russian language
14th March 2014 Added UnderArmour links Useful links
1st March 2014 Added months of the year to Russian language
23rd February 2014 Added days of the week to Russian language
16th February 2014 Uploaded photographs of recent winter holiday
31st January 2014 Added more Russian language
22nd January 2014 Added more Russian numbers
20th January 2014 Added more links to Useful Links
16th January 2014 Added more Russian phrases
7th January 2014 Removed Software Links that I no longer use in Useful Software
1st January 2014 Brand New Year.
Brand new look of my website