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Jeremy Jahns
Check out Jeremy Jahn's YouTube channel - best movie and TV series critic on YouTube.

Amateur video directors/ productions

Dustin McLean Homemade Movies
Talented director, camera man and all round media productions, check out DustFilms.
His previous work included Homemade Movies, which serves up creative remakes of your favorite trailers and movie scenes.
Love these videos on YouTube Cinefix channel

A group of DC fans with a camera make short YouTube videos. Loves these amateur videos on their YouTube channel
With a serious budget, they make a decent NightWing series

Tech Reviewers

YouTube channel URL Comments
Marques Brownlee MKBHD  
Jonathan Morrison tldtoday  
Mr Mobile Mr Mobile  
BitWit BitWit Computer hardware reviews and blogs
Kai W Kai W Camera reviews
MicBergsma MicBergsma GoPro training and reviews

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